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Hey folks,

I am so happy to let you know that genuinely I want to help you guys to start your own home based internet business and so I have created this page specially for you where you can ask your questions in to comment section here.

But to keep this place clean and free from spammers, I have setup some rules for asking question and they are not so hard to follow…

  1. Your comment should contain genuine question, no url or link allowed unless you are asking for opinion or review.
  2. You must be serious and passionate for your internet business. So dont ask questions like “How can i earn money by clicking ads or visiting websites” kind of questions….
  3. Give your real email id so I can contact you if need to give you detailed information.
  4. If your question is general and useful for all the readers, I might right article on that and post as and article on my site.

So let me know whats going on in your mind….

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  1. Prashant Reply

    Hi, your article was good because I think it was based on realistic conclusion.
    I am a Graphic Designer and employed at an In-house agency Affinity Express from last 5 years.
    From last 2-3 months I’m totally confused about should take the plunge to go full time freelancer or not. As I know my abilities & pretty confident about my expertise. But still its much difficult to decide. Also you might suggest that start freelancing part-time but my office schedules are too tight.
    I know the most common things about freelancing.
    I am expecting something that I might be missing.

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