Our first ever premium plugin WordPress Spinner Plugin For SpinChimp API has been launched today. See the details below.

What is the WordPress Spinner Plugin For SpincChimp API ?

This plugin basically integrates the SpinChimp API service provided by Aktura Technologies. You must have SpinChimp API account in order to use this plugin in your wordpress site. Click Here know more about or register for API.

What this plugin can do for you?

This plugin will integrate the spinner box besides the wordpress post editor as shown in below image. You can spin your full wordpress post or selected paragraph from your wordpress post by just single click. This plugin makes the spinning of wordpress posts a hassle free, one click job.



  • Easy Installation & Integration.
  • One Click Spin for full WordPress post.
  • One Click Spin for selected paragraph within WordPress post.
  • Run time spinning using SpinChimp API.
  • Automatically sends your post or selected paragraph to spinchimp server and inserts spun content backs to your editor.
  • Easy to configure (needs only email and API key to get it working)
  • Optimized API options for best spinning results.
  • Works with HTML post. It means it will retain the HTML formatting like bold, Italic, inserted images etc… With full post spinning.

Price: 29$ Only ( with free upgrades, support for 1 year)

Visit Official Page at WordPress Spinner Plugin For SpinChimp API


3 thoughts on “WordPress Spinner Plugin For SpinChimp API

  1. Looking for this plugin for a long time, i hope i get the best review from you regarding this plugin. Thanks for this article.. Hope i get good information in the future too from your side… Have a nice day..

  2. I’ve used SpinChimp for over 6 months now and this is a great addition to consider when spinning.

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