Is Covert Conversation a scam? Discover The Truth

Due to increasing number of scams and frauds in Internet Market, it has become necessary to be sure that the product you are looking for is genuine and know the guys behind the products. So, here I have tried to put some detailed information that will help you understand that Covert Conversation is not a scam or one of those frauds, but it’s a real deal from truly professional team.

What is Covert Conversation?

It’s a wordpress plugin to present your ads in a skype video call popup style to bring instant attention of visitor and get highest conversation rate possible.

What this wordpress plugin can do for you?

Due to people’s familiarity and fondness for Skype… These ads are going to generate more clicks than anything you have ever seen before! Here are just a few of the exciting features on Covert Conversation…

  • Super easy “set & forget” configuration
  • Looks and feels just like real Skype call notifications
  • Link your ad to any page or connect to a real Skype call

Price of the Covert Conversation WordPress Plugin.

During launch days, its available at $17 Only, which also comes with money back guarantee so you have time to try it, play with and see it live in action on your site and still you can get 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

Money Back Guarantee… really?

Yes, the plugin is being sold on (The biggest and most popular digital marketplace) and all the payments and refunds are managed by itself and not by the sellers. So you can be sure that you will get 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with the plugin

Still don’t believe?

Well, the developers of this plugin are well known in IM Market as IM Wealth Builders Ltd. They have sold so many products with great success and having huge reputation for their expert technical support. If you have any issue using the plugin or having technical difficulties, IM Wealth Builder’s Tech support team are just few clicks away from you. You can request support at

Below is the screenshot from JVZoo marketplace just to show you how powerful the team behind the Covert Conversation Plugin.

im wealth builders

Have Pre-sale Questions?

Sure you can clear your all doubts by asking your presale questions to IM Wealth Builders Ltd. At


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