First Step Toward Blogging: Advertising Business

What is Advertising Business ?

Have you read somewhere “Ads by Google” ? Have  you heard about Google Adsense or Google Adwords ? Don’t worry if you didn’t.  Advertising business is three step process.

  1. Create a website of any subject.
  2. Promote your website to build some traffic (Number of visitors everyday)
  3. Serve ads to your visitor and earn commission when your visitor clicks on ads.

Seems pretty simple, right ? Hm.. Not actually…

The toughest part of this business is building traffic. There are many techniques you can use to promote your blog/website but you will need some time to learn them, implement them and gradually build regular traffic to your site. We will discuss about various techniques in details soon in the course, dont forget to signup to my newsletter.

How does it work ?

Well, you know the Internet is world of information. If you want some information, what site you look first ? Google ? or may be any other search engine site ? That’s right. We all internet user don’t know about the websites where we can find the information we want, Google and Many other search engine fills the gap between information hungry visitors and information serving bloggers.

Google is God

Yes, no matter if you don’t believe in GOD but you have to believe in Google because you have to rely on it for organic traffic to your site. Organic traffic means visitors coming to your site via any search engine in search of some information. There are many other traffic sources like Social media traffic, forums, blog comments, paid traffic, google adwords, etc.. But not all of them as effective as Google’s organic traffic.

Do I really need a website ?

Well, you can start with free blogging platform like and but Personally I would recommend to create your own website because of the following benefits..

  1. You have full control of your website.
  2. It looks much more professional than having a free blog.
  3. Its always in your hand, no one can ban your site if you make mistakes.
  4. Its not too costly, actually you can start your own website with just few dollars a year.

What niche should you select for your website?

Niche means a subject of your website/blog. You can choose any subject you want but I would prefer you to choose the subject wisely as it affects a lot to your success onwards. To decide on subject, you have to look inside you first, what interest you most ? in what subject you have enough knowledge or have passion to learn more ? If you dont have passion to learn about selected niche, you will end up with loss of money and time.

Be focused and have trust in yourself.

As I keep saying always, it takes time. So be focused on what you do and have trust in yourself that you will definitely do it and keep doing it. You know the reason why most online business entrepreneurs fail ? Lake of passion and patience. So you should hold the both.

It makes me remember of one point that I would love to share with you. Suppose you are going to some other city from where you are living by driving your car and you are driving at night. So obviously you can only see deep up to 20 to 30 meter on road. You cant see your destination, the city you want to rich, but you still keep driving for hours starring at those 30 meters road only. WHY ? Because you know that and strongly believe that this road is going to take you to the destination, and you have passion and patience to keep driving toward your goal. The same story applies to your life too, in Internet Business and in offline business too.


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