First Step Toward Freelance Business

What is Freelance Business?

Freelance business means a work done on contract basis. Someone wants some work to be done, you accept the work, finish the work on time and if he is satisfied with your work, you get paid. That’s what the freelance business means.

What kind of work I can do as a freelancer?

Believe me, just any kind of work you can think of that people may need. If you don’t believe it, just visit this link and see there are hundreds of categories and thousands of different kind of project get submitted every day. Some people believe that the freelance means software development or something related to IT industry, but wait, it’s not true. Freelance business means just any kind of work that you can do remotely, like letter writing, proof reading, circuit designing, marketing, data entry, creating/editing photos and videos, providing tutorials, language/grammatical work like translation, database administration, server maintenance and almost anything that you can think you can do remotely.

How difficult is to get success in freelance industry?

Well, it depends on two things. What kind of work you want to do and how expert are you in doing that work. The competition also affects a lot, simple works like data entry jobs have very huge competition and you will hardly get any work there but advanced work like software development, videos, photo editing that requires some extra ordinary ideas and skills will definitely have very low competition as compared to that data entry kind of simple jobs.

I don’t mean that you can’t get success if you are not advanced worker or not having any extra ordinary skill. Always remember that no one is born with those advanced skills, every one learns so you can too.

I remember that when I started my freelance work I got my first project worth 7$ only and that was editing/fixing simple php script and it was simple fix done in few minutes. I had very basic knowledge of PHP at that time. You can start with any field at any level but as long as you keep doing it and keep learning, you will get much better with time like I did.

How much it costs to start making money with freelance work?

Almost Nothing. Yes, you can start for free. Just signup to freelance website (mentioned below) and start bidding for the projects. However, you can invest some dollars once you start earning to speedup your business but that’s not a big investment, just a few dollars a year and it upto you.

How to get business or freelance projects?

There are many sites like where you can signup as freelancer and start bidding for the projects. But that’s not as simple, as I mentioned earlier you have to beat the competition. Getting first project is always difficult as your profile is new, you don’t have any previous experience and you don’t have any solid positive comments from previous clients. But you have to keep bidding until you get your first project there. Once you will complete the project on time with client’s satisfaction, he will leave awesome comments for you which will help you grab more deals. That’s how it works. More projects mean more positive feedbacks and it helps to earn even more projects so easily.

There are so many tactics, strategies and proven methods you should apply to your bidding style, your communication and your online identity to successfully build your freelance business, but that I will discuss later in other articles. Don’t forget to signup to my newsletter to keep receiving valuable articles directly in your inbox.

I hope that’s enough information to get to know about the freelance industry. Some sites you might like to visit are

Please ask your questions and submit your reviews in comment box below.

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