First Step Toward Product Business

As you are new in Internet marketing field, you must have read somewhere about so called IM Gurus earning 6 figure incomes and lots of marketers have made millions of dollars, right? Do you really believe those words? I do. Yes, because I know many such huge marketers personally as I have worked for them and still working for few of them. So I know that people really make millions seating at home with use of just a computer with internet connection. It’s true buts it’s not that easy. Remember, I always keep saying that there is a hard work involved if you seriously want to build a business. But for such a huge success, the only option left for you is product business.

What is product business?

In freelance business, you earn for the work you did for a client. This is one to one deal right? No more money for the same work. While in product business, scenario is totally different and magical too. You create a product (work for yourself), sell the product and earn the money. The magic and the real secret is you can sell the same product with no more extra work to as many people as you want adding more money to your bank account.

But why you need your own product when you can sell other’s via affiliate marketing?

Just because those 6 figure gurus have their own products. If you need to achieve that level of success, you have some great ideas to cash on. However, you can still do the affiliate marketing for other products but that will be the part of extra money only.

What kind of products/service you can sell?

When I say product, I don’t mean its software or actual physical product. It may be anything including eBook (PDF), videos course, audio lectures, tutorials, online coaching program and membership site.

May be its too early to explain you about creating your own products and selling out. However, I am writing this article as introduction only so you should know what’s going on out there in internet business area.

The Million Dollar secret of Product business on internet.

There is huge difference between manufacturing and selling physical products in local market and selling digital product son internet. These differences are the keys of success and secrets of million dollar industry. Don’t just trust my words, read the reasons below and think yourself how magical it can go.

  1. All products are digital products, so you can create as many copies as you sell with no extra cost. That’s not possible in market nearby you. So you can earn money for the same work again and again.
  2. You don’t have to open a shop, spend on advertisements and packaging, shipping and anything else. You can start selling with literally zero investment.
  3. In market, you have access to limited prospects or limited area/public to promote/sell your product to, but here in internet world, you can reach thousands and millions of internet users in just a few minutes.

So, you can understand how these 3 differences only can make a very huge difference to profit.

More articles on product business are coming soon including what type of products you can create, how and how to sell your products etc.. mean while join my newsletter and share your comments below.

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