How To Win Your First Project As Freelancer

I remember when I was new to freelance business and was bidding so passionately to win my first project, but then with the time I learnt that it’s not that easy to win first project as I was thinking. I have also heard from many of my friends saying “Yes I tried freelancer, but nothing happened. I don’t understand how all that works, I don’t know how to get projects etc etc..”

So, today’s article is for these guys who are new to this freelance industry and want to put their best foot forward.

The most common problem is that, it takes time…

It takes time!Yes, it really takes time, so most common issue people don’t succeed here is their restlessness, their inability to wait, keep working and wait for the results. So how and why it takes time? You need time to understand how the whole system works, how the platform you are bidding on (freelancer, elance or odesk etc..) works. Another reason that takes a huge time is because of your fresh & inexperienced profile. Your profile has no job history, no ratings, no feedbacks etc… and it’s really tough to make someone to trust on you when you have nothing to show him.

As it takes time for first project, you must keep working without expecting quick results. When I was new, I had got my first project after bidding for more than two months, and there were thousands of bids I had placed before I big was selected.

Hard work is not enough, do smart work.

hardworkBidding only will not work if your next bid is not better than your last bid. I mean, you have to keep improving your bidding style and strategy. You have to learn how other bidders put their bid. What they write in their bid etc.. This way, the time you put before you get your first project is time you invested as during the time you’ll get better and better.

Don’t be beggar, be a real worker.

dont be beggarI always found that new people place their bids that look more like bagging script than actual bid. Writing something like “Please give me this job” or “I really need this job” will actually give you NO job. Your bid should reflect your overall personality. It should be professional and realistic. Employers don’t know you or your nature, they don’t care how poor are you. Its pure business and give & take deal, so always remember that it’s only your bid which will connect you with the employer and quality bid will always attract more work.

Build Credibility

building-credibilityBuilding credibility is as important as improving bidding style. Let me explain what credibility is. In other words I would say, showcasing yourself as an expert in the field you are working is called credibility. Work history in your profile, client’s feedback, positive reviews etc builds your credibility, your reputation. But in this case, as your profile is new, you can only build your credibility form outside the platform.

You can create your own website/blog, where you can showcase your own previous work that you might have done for your friends, neighbors or in your collage assignment. Join the forum and social groups to connect with and to be in touch with experts in your industry and be updated with the latest facts and happenings in your industry.

Build your freelancer profile 100%. I mean, do not skip any profile field, add all the details you have, add your profile picture, you personal details, professional details, your biodata, and whatever else is asked. Complete profile looks more professional.

Let the world know that you are now available for work.

Put your “hire me” badge or message on your own website/blog, share it with your friends over social media network etc.

These are some basic tips from my own experience as freelancer, in next article I will share more tips to help you win more projects.

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