Its not all about money

Did you like the title ? Is it nice to make some real money online ? Well, I personally believe about online income or internet business that Its not always about money.

What? Isn’t it all about money?

Nope, At least I don’t think so. Although we all start our journey in search of success, fame and of course money, but eventually most of us learn that its not always about money.

Then what makes me work so hard?

Do you seriously want to know? Ok, so below is why I love this field.

  1. Because I can work from any where, from home spending time with family, from garden enjoying the love of nature, during travel spending some time and almost from any place where we have internet access.
  2. Because Its my own business and that’s what attracts me most to this field. No boss, No 9 to 5 fix hours, No deadlines, No targets, No month ending and No to boring office environment.
  3. Because I am fascinated about blogging, searching information, programming etc, so I enjoy my work and I can give best of me.
  4. Because I need more money ( Yeah, yeah I know I said its not all about money, but its still something about money, right ?)
  5. And many more reasons too…

So did you like any of the above reason? Interested? Not a problem, you can also do what I do, you can also earn what I earn and infect more than what I earn. Just signup to my newsletter below and be in touch with me and my blog

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Why dont you share your own reason for working online ? Your own ideas, I would love to read your thoughts in comments below.

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