Not Sure Where To Start In Internet Business?

I understand your situation, as I was there where you are one day so I know how you feel and what you think. I always found two questions most difficult to answer in beginning.

  1. Where to start?
  2. What to do first?

Do these questions come in your mind too? No worries, you are not alone with these questions in mind, in fact, every single person starting business on internet thinks about it. So here is how to answer those questions.

Chose your way to success

Here I mean to choose the type of business or work you want to do or want to learn to grow your business on internet, it may be freelance work, and it may be advertising industry or internet marketing. It’s up to you to choose your own way, but here comes the main problem. What to choose, right?

But, which way should I choose?

No one except you can answer this question. What I can do is, to help you on how to choose. Only you can answer what to choose. Anyways, what I think most important is, why this question? I mean why we get confused about choosing our way? Because we don’t know about all the options in details, we are not sure what business or method will work better for us and what not.

Another reason of this question is because Internet is full of information, some are excellent and some are misleading and wrong, it’s always difficult to find the right information that you can trust. It’s like a road to your success is full of traffic jam.

Slow down and drive slowly?

road full of traffic

What happens if you drive crazy and speedy on the road full of traffic? Accident. Right? This is what happens in Internet market too with almost every entrepreneur. The reason is we are all in hurry to make money, we don’t want to waste time learning and building the real business, we just want money as quickly as possible. This is because of the humors and myths spread all over the internet world saying making 6 figure income is really easy with so and so software/program or so and so tips and tricks.

So guys, just slow down, put your foot on brake, have a cup of coffee, get your mind relaxed and empty of all the dreams of being rich in one night and the believe that some secret exists on internet that those so called internet gurus know but you don’t know. This can only happen if you come with some really great ideas like Google , Facebook etc… but that’s different story. There is no secret, there is no magic. The only thing exists is hard work and the real business strategy.

Your first goal: To learn, Not to earn.

learning about internet business

What’s your goal? To make money? I think you should change it to, to learn. Only with the passion of learning, it would be easy for you to take decisions, explore opportunities, and eventually you would be able to start your own business and that will automatically make you earn money, lots of money for the hard work you did in learning.

Don’t worry even if it takes your whole one year in learning, because the time you put in learning is the time invested in building your business.

Enjoy the journey while driving slowly…

enjoy learning

While you are learning, keep habits of following to get maximum results…

  1. Keep taking notes when you find something new, something interesting, some great ideas. Keep your notes at secure place online like Google docs spreadsheet because you can afford losing it even if your computer hard drive crashes.
  2. Book mark the important websites where you find good information for future reference.
  3. Be social and join the great communities, forums, Facebook groups to explore what other peoples do and what you can learn from the community. I found that the community is the best way to learn, to build reputation and to build strong faith in you.
  4. Don’t get any marketing hype or misleading information to overcome your mind and thoughts.
  5. Don’t waste time and money in money making products. I don’t say every product is scam, but it would be hard to decide for beginners like you. If some product sounds promising and interest you, best way would be to bookmark the link and take a time to investigate about the product first on Google and find the reviews, study the details of what the product does for you and how it works, try to find the reviews or actual user etc. and then take the decision of purchase.
  6. Ask, comment and discuss: right, you can get the real and most valuable information buy asking. You can ask questions in forums and communities, you can comment on blog articles you read and discuss your doubts in groups and forums.

Slow down and drive slowly?

Oops, did I say it again? Yes I know, I said it again for the good reason. Our mind is too complicated and often gets influenced with marketing hypes, advertising and negative information. When you are learning new things, you should always keep this in mind that you are in learning phase and not earning phase. Take decision by your own understanding and a little research about the product and not just by reading sales page and getting affected by marketing materials.

Conclusion: The real business is a journey and starts with learning. It is learning -> planning -> work on your plan -> And Make money. It’s not about “Do this and earn this” or “Earn 100$ in one night” kind of things.

Liked this article? It’s time to share it. Because not all people are lucky enough to find important information and good people like you. You can help them by sharing links to your Facebook, twitter etc.

I hope this article will help you to start with your learning phase. If you have doubts or suggestions regarding what I said above, please comment below. I would love to know your opinions.

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