Hi friends, I just want to let you know quickly that you can earn money by asking questions or by answering to the question. Webanswers.com is the site that offers this unique opportunity where people can earn money on the basis of revenue sharing generated with google ads.

What is webanswers.com and how does it work?

This site is just like yahoo answers design to answer the questions asked by people and to ask the question to get answers from experts. What ever you do on this site, ask or answer can improve your chances to get earned for your activities.

How do I get paid on webanswers.com ?

Though google Adsense. If you have existing Adsense account then you can link it up with webasnswers.com otherwise you can also apply for new Adsense account through this site.

Is webanswers.com a scam?

No, there is nothing doubtful about this site, you can safely make money just by talking and discussing online. More professional you can answer the questions, more money you can earn online.

How do I join webanswers.com?

Go to Earn money with webanswers.com, and signup for the new account. Answer at least 10 questions and be able to link your Adsense account or apply for the new account.

If you have any doubt or questions with this site, please comment here.

3 thoughts on “Earn Money To Ask-Answer The Questions: Webanswers.Com Review

  1. This webanswers.com has banned me for good two times with good number of posts.but their earning capability is very high,i don’t know if they’ve banned my ip,should i creat a new account and continue posting,or should i just hide my ip?

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